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Smokewood Shack BBQ Smoking Woods

and How It All Started

Food tastes so much better when it is cooked over open flames, but what makes it even tastier is the interesting and amazing flavours you can get by just adding a piece of quality smoking wood to your barbecue.  This gives your food the subtle smokey flavour of Oak, Apple, Hickory or one of the other interesting Smoking Woods that can be used.


Smokewood Shack is a family owned business based in the Heart of Hampshire that specialises in BBQ Smoking Woods to the Barbecue & Food Smoking Industry.  


Smokewood Shack was born after a fantastic holiday to America, where we ate some of the finest BBQ we had ever tasted and also experienced the American BBQ and smokehouse institution at it's finest.  What amazed us was the fantastic selection of smoking woods that was available, and not just smoking dust or smoking chips but fist sized chunks and logs (or splits as they call them in the US). 


After returning back to the UK we decided that the UK market was being short changed with the quality and selection of Smoking Woods available.  We also decided that we also wanted to promote British woods for food smoking such as, Alder,Apple, Beech, Cherry, Oak, Pear & Silver Birch which creates truly mouth watering recipe's, but we also wanted to keep the classics such as Hickory, Maple & Whisky Oak.


We only supply the best quality wood for food smoking, and only supply Smoking Wood products that have been ethically sourced from sustainable forests or orchards.  We pride ourselves on offering the best BBQ smoking chunks, smoking chips, smoking dust in the UK.  


All of our smoking wood is air dried and then stored indoors to ensure that you receive that best quality smoking wood available on the market today.  





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