Forget Burned Sausages & Cremated Burgers.

This is How British BBQ Should be Done


We Provide the Smokey Goodness

They Provided the Talent

In the UK a Barbecue used to represent burned sausages, uncooked chicken and cremated burgers, thankfully that is a thing of the past.


In the following pages you will find recipes from  some of the UK's rising stars of BBQ, which include BBQ Teams, BBQ Street Food Vendors, BBQ Bloggers and BBQ Enthusiasts.  


If you want us to add your recipe, just send a photo and recipe to with your name and a link to your website if you have one, and we will do the rest.

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Cedar Plank Cooked Pork Ingredients: 1 Cedar Plank soaked in Apple Juice 1 Pork Loin Salt & Pepper

Smokey Pulled Beef So you’ve probably heard of pulled pork, but have you heard of, or tried pulled beef? This has the same exquisite juicy fall apart texture, but has the real meaty beefy flavours that you only get from smoking beef. Unlike Texas style brisket we take the internal temperature higher to 205f get that pulled consistency instead of slices at around 195f for brisket. For a simple, easy, and low maintenance dish that will wow give this a go, it will take all day though on a smoker, or put on overnight. Chuck is great for pulled beef, and any decent butcher will have it, they usually dice it as stewing beef in the UK. If you’re strugglin

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