Forget Burned Sausages & Cremated Burgers.

This is How British BBQ Should be Done


We Provide the Smokey Goodness

They Provided the Talent

In the UK a Barbecue used to represent burned sausages, uncooked chicken and cremated burgers, thankfully that is a thing of the past.


In the following pages you will find recipes from  some of the UK's rising stars of BBQ, which include BBQ Teams, BBQ Street Food Vendors, BBQ Bloggers and BBQ Enthusiasts.  


If you want us to add your recipe, just send a photo and recipe to with your name and a link to your website if you have one, and we will do the rest.

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Smoked Leg of Lamb, New potatoes with Courgette & Tomatoes Twitter @GsGardenKitchen Ingredients: 2.5Kg Leg of lamb 25g Fresh Mint 8 Cloves of garlic 200ml Olive oil 1 large courgette 1 large onion 250g cherry tomatoes Balsamic vinegar Dried Wild Oregano 250g new potatoes Knob of butter Method Crush 6 garlic cloves and finely chop, then roughly chop 20g of mint. Pour 200 ml of olive oil to a bowl and then add the garlic and mint with a pinch of salt & pepper. Mix together, and pour 50% of the marinade over the leg of lamb and massage well, then leave to marinate. Fire up your smoker and set-up for indirect cooking and set the temperature to 80c-100c. Once up to temperature add a minimum of three pieces of

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