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Smoking Wood Questions


Terms & Conditions 

Frequently Asked Questions


We have tried cover most things on the questions & answers page, if we have not covered anything that concerns you, drop us an email, we will get back to you, and then we will add it onto the Q&A page.


How To Store your Smoking Wood Products

We have taken great care to supply you with the best Smoking Wood products on the market, so it should arrive to you in perfect condition, however like all quality products the correct storage is also important.


As Smoking wood is a natural wood product there is still a certain amount of moisture in the wood so the correct storage is very important.  For Chunks & Chips & Dust you need to store the bags in a dry ventilated place like a shed or garage with good airflow, and ideally keep the bags opened to allow air to circulate, this will allow any condensation or moisture to evaporate. Do not keep the bags unopened in a warm place or they will go mouldy. The exception to this is Whisky Oak where it is better to keep all the fantastic whisky flavour contained.


How quickly will my order be processed?

We process orders Mondays to Fridays, and try our best to  post the orders out as soon as possible, but please allow 2 or 3 days for us to dispatch your order, however at busy times we may need an extra day.  Once you have place your order we will send you a confirmation email confirming that you have placed an order.  You will also receive an email once your delivery has been dispatched, informing you that your order is on it's way.  Any order placed on a Friday will most likely processed the following Monday.  If you ever have any questions on an order, feel free to email us at


Change of Delivery Address & Can I have my order shipped to an address of my choice?

All deliveries will be made to the address provided, via your Paypal Account or the address that you provided if paying via Worldpay, so please ensure that you have provided a current address.   If you need to change the delivery address for whatever reason please reply using the  email  that we sent you confirming your order, this is because the return email is flagged in our inbox for action.   Please be aware that if you use your own email account that your email might end up in our spam folder depending what you put in the subject line of the email.  If you contact us with a change of address we will always confirm via email that we have received your amended instructions within 24 - 48 hours.  If we do not reply within this time it means we have not received your email,  therefore Smokewood Shack will not except any responsibility for a delivery being sent to the wrong address.


Any changes of address that have to be made once your order has been processes could incur an addition fee which is charged to us by the couriers to re-route your parcel to another address.


Delivery & Tracking 

By placing an order with us you are accepting responsibility that someone will be available to except the delivery,  All parcels delivered have tracking as standard, therefore if you know no-one is going to be available to accept delivery please provide us with instructions where the parcel can be left, alternatively you could contact the Courier to rearrange delivery via their delivery confirmation email however the responsibility lies with the customer and not with Smokewood Shack once the parcel has been delivered. 

We use 2 different companies to ship your products out to you, as this offers the best shipping.  For orders that weigh under 2 Kg's they are shipped on a 48 hour service using Royal Mail, and orders that weigh over 2 Kg's they are shipped with Parcelforce 24 hour service.  Like all couriers Royal Mail and Parcelforce will not guarantee that this is a 100 % guaranteed service  because of weather and forces beyond their control, therefore Smokewood Shack will not be held responsible for parcels that are delivered outside this time frame. 


Failed Delivery

The courier will attempt to deliver your parcel , however if your parcel is undelivered the courier will leave a card though your door informing you that they tried to deliver your parcel and were unsuccessful.   The courier will attempt redelivery  on another occassion or alternatively they will take the parcel to your local post office where you can collect your parcel.  The parcel will be held at the post office for 14 days and if it is not claimed  it will be returned back to Smokewood Shack. .  If the parcel is returned back to us  this will incur an additional charge for returning the parcel, so  If you require your parcel to be redelivered again the  additional payment must be paid to cover  the additional fees incurred.  This is the fee charged to us by the courier company for returning the parcel back to us. (currently £7.50 ). There will also be an additional shipping fee to resend your parcel, which is the same amount that was charged on your initial order.


Parcel Refused By Customer

When a parcel is refused by the customer for whatever reason we are usually informed by the courier company and not by the customer.  We will attempt to contact the customer by phone & email that the customer provided with their order for more information.   If the customer has not contacted Smokewood Shack within 36 hours the parcel will have to be returned back to us,

which we incur an additional charge for having the parcel returned.  If you require your parcel to be redelivered again an additional payment must be paid to cover  the additional fees incurred.  This is the fee charged to us by the courier company for returning the parcel back to us. (Currently £7.50 ). There will also be an additional shipping fee to resend your parcel.


What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Credit and Debit Cards.

Damaged or Missing Products.

If you have problems with your order, please contact us, within 3 days of receipt and we will try our best to sort it out.  

If items are missing or damaged you will need to keep the original packing receipt and all the packaging as proof may be required to validate your claim.  All items shipped are covered by the couriers insurance  and we require  photo's of the  packaging and shipping receipt to substantiate an insurance claim, failure to keep the packing slip and the original packaging could invalidate any claim.   


I didn't receive my order

As soon as you place an order we will send you an automated email confirming your order (please use this email to inform us if you need to change the delivery address as this email is flagged in our inbox for action).  We will send you another email once your parcel has been dispatched.  These emails are sent to the email address that you provided when you placed your order, if you do not recieve these emails please check your spam folder.   For orders that weigh under 2 Kg's they are shipped on a 48 hour service using Royal Mail, and orders that weigh over 2 Kg's they are shipped with Parcelforce 24 hour service.  All our parcels are tracked and fully insured by the courier company so If you have not received your order within 7 days please get in touch and we will look into the issue with the relevant courier company.  Unfortunately if you do not contact us within 30 days we will not be able to reimburse you in accordance with the terms & conditions of the couriers insurance policy.  We must stress that these are the terms and conditions on the relevant courier companies and not ours. 


Is your site secure?

Yes. Our site is hosted on secure servers, and the checkout process is encrypted for your protection.

What are your Postage Charges?

There is no such thing as free postage, as the price of your products are just inflated to include the "free postage".  We have tried to offer "free postage" but it doesn't work out fairly to ALL our customers, therefore our postage charges are calculated on the overall weight of the parcel being delivered.  The weights are automatically calculated for you when you select your products, and the total shipping price is displayed in the shopping cart, and are as follows:


We use 2 different companies to ship your products out to you, as this offers the cheapest shipping.  For orders that weigh under 2 Kg's they are shipped on a 48 hour service using Royal Mail, and orders that weigh over 2 Kg's are shipped next day delivery (24 hour service) with Parcelforce.

Free Shipping on orders over £50.00 (mainland UK only).  Excluding commercial orders.  


 0 -  2 Kg = £5.50 - Royal Mail 48 Tracked

 2 -  30 Kg = 7.20 - Parcelforce 24 Tracked


The shipping rates for Northern Ireland, Highlands & Islands of Scotland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Scilly Isles. are calculated at checkout depending on the weight of the parcel.


Returns - Can I send my smoking Wood Back to You?

Course you can, just let us know within 48 hours of delivery by email, or by using the "Contact Us" page on our website, informing us that you are returning your products.  All products may be returned if they have not been used, and must still be in their original packaging.  The returns are at your expense, and must be sent within 7 days of your email.  

Upon receipt of the goods, a refund of the purchased goods will be given, this will not include the shipping costs that you have paid as we have had to ship the order out to you.  

Please note that any products that have been returned damaged, used, or are not the correct weight (within 5% of the original weight) will not be refunded.

Refunds & Discrepancies

Any refunds due to changes in the order that are not the fault of Smokewood shack could be liable to an administration fee of £25.00.  This is to cover additional administrative, banking & Paypal charges incurred, and is solely at the discretion of Smokewood Shack.

Smoking Dusts

All our dusts have been quality controlled checked with a moisture meter and each individual batch produced has had a test burn to ensure that it burns correctly before it is sold.  A sample of this dust is then stored to be used in comparison for customers returns.  

Because of the stringent checks that we carry out we are confident that it is not the dust at fault and after  answering emails from customers and also reading articles on Facebook Groups who are not just our customers but also other users of dust that have issues keeping their dust alight that the issue is most likely air flow and also keeping your Cold Smoke Generator clean to allow air flow around the dust to allow it to burn. 

Other things to take into consideration are the following:

Have there been any other complaints with this batch of dust not burning? - If there  has been numerous complaints it it most likely the dust, if there has not  been any complaints it is most likely not the dust.

Therefore if the customer wants to return the products back to us (at their expence)  we will carry out our productions tests and if the products fail we will replace the products free of charge plus  reimburse the postage costs. If the products pass our moisture test and light correctly we will ship them back to you but there will be an additional £4.99 postage charge.

Are My personal Details Kept Safe?

They certainly are.  We fully respect your privacy.

Data Protection & GDPR Compliance


We use your personal data purely for the purpose of processing, fulfilling and delivering your order placed with us. We do not share or sell your details to third parties for marketing purposes. 

When you buy online you will be required to submit some personal details. All customer data held by Smokewood Shack is held in accordance with GDPR legislation and in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Data is stored securely on our cloud-based ecommerce system. Following an order, we will hold your data securely for a period of no longer than three years, for warranty, after-sales service and marketing purposes, after which your details will be deleted. You have the right to request that your details are deleted from our system at any time. 

Your delivery address information may be provided to a supplier and their delivery company if your order is to be fulfilled directly by them. Such suppliers are bound by the Smokewood Shack privacy policy and will not supply your details to any other third party.

We may contact you by phone or email to request additional information in order to process and ship your order to you, or to provide information on new products or special offers, but only with your express consent. When you place an order online you will be given the opportunity to opt-in to such communications and you have the option to unsubscribe at any point.


YOUR PAYMENT INFORMATION                                       

When buying online with Smokewood Shack you will be required to submit payment card details and primary contact information. Our payment system is handled by Worldpay and Paypal and all online transactions are carried out over a secure internet connection where your payment details are encrypted.



Our GDPR compliance is constantly reviewed and updated in accordance with current and future GDPR policy.


If I purchase a mixture of different woods, how will I know the difference?

All our woods are packaged separately, and clearly labelled, so there can be no mix up.


Should I soak my wood before Using It?

Some people swear by it, others are totally against it. There are lots of articles on the web on this topic.  Personally I don't, with the exception of Whisky Oak Smoking Chips, as the water helps release the wondeful whisky aroma.  


Allergies, Sensitivities & Stuff Like That

We clean the saws after each use,  and store all our products in separate containers,  and while care is taken during cutting storing and packing we cannot guarantee that some wood dust, chip or chunk of Smoking wood has not fallen into another container.  


Can I re-sell your products?

You certainly can, drop us an email for more information.

Can I re-sell your products on Amazon or Ebay as a third party seller?

Absolutely not as this breaches our terms and conditions.

Can I re-open your packaging and then  re-package your products under my own brand?

Definitely not, but get in contact with us and we will discuss other options with you.

What Are The Differences in the sizes of Smoking Wood?

Click Here for all the information on Chunks, Chips and Dust


I have noticed some black spots and brown marks on some of the Smoking Wood Chunks, what are they, and is it still safe?

The black spots that sometimes appear on the chunks are from the chainsaw lubricating oil, and we only use food grade oil to keep the chain lubricated which is totally safe.  As for the brown marks, they are scorch marks from the saw blades that we use to cut the wood, the blades can get hot which occasionally scorches the wood.


Is it safe to smoke wood with bark on?

Yes, again it is another hot topic and is down to personal taste.


Why is Smoking Wood Expensive, after all it's only wood?

Some of the wood as a raw material  comes from overseas however most come from different areas of the UK, so it has to be delivered by lorry.  Once the wood has been ferried by road, and finally arrives at our Shack we have to air dry it (takes about 12- 18 months)  Once that has been done the timber has to be processed and put through different machines to make the woodchips & dust.  This machine costs thousands of pounds to buy, plus maintenance & running costs.  These products are then bagged in large quantites for later use.  Once the smoking wood has been bagged it has to be stored, which again costs money.  Once your order is recieved, it has to be re-weighed, packaged and shipped to your destination by one of our happy workforce!  Logs and chunks go through a slightly different process, but it is still very labour intensive.   Unfortunately with the popularity of BBQ fruitwood prices have soared over the past 18 months, however we are constantly searching for ways to cut costs without compromising quality, but with constantly increasing wood prices, gas, electric and fuel costs it is difficult.  From a simple & relatively cheap piece of wood it soon gets very complicated and expensive.  Sorry for the depressing story, but it is a question that is constantly being asked.




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