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All You Need to Know About Grilling Planks

Grilling Planks Frequently Asked Questions


How thick Are Smokewood Shack Grilling Planks? 

The ideal thickness is about 9.5mm.  Not too thick that it wastes time and wood, and costs you more money,  and not so thin that the grilling planks burn-up before your food is cooked, but "just right". 

Are grilling planks reusable? 

Yes, but we don't recommend it.  Technically, if the grilling plank is still in good shape after the initial use it may be reused.  Keep in mind that it will take on the flavour of what-ever you grilled on it previously, and some of the essential oils from the wood will be used up from the first round of grilling, so really not a good move.

Tip: If you cook using the "indirect method" your grilling planks will have the best chance of being reusable.  If you are not familiar with indirect cooking, simply place the charcoal on one side of the BBQ and the grilling plank on the other side.  For gas BBQ's or grills light one side, and place the plank on the other side.  

**If you are planking in the oven, your plank will be in much better condition after use, than if you are planking on a BBQ. **

How do you reuse grilling planks? 

Clean the used plank by scraping off any food left after the initial use, rinse in clear running water, don’t use washing up liquid or detergent.  Re-soak the plank for 1-8 hours and re-use according to recipe.


Are Smokewood Shack Grilling Planks Chemically Treated At All?

No. All of our grilling plank products are 100% natural and free of any chemical treatment. 

Can you use grilling planks in the oven? 

Absolutely, by grilling in the oven infuses your food with steam, keeping it juicy and adding the flavour of the wood.  Unlike planking on the grill, it won’t smoke.  One of the best ways to cook  roast chicken is on a plank in the oven.  Just soak the plank for 1-8 hours in water and place on a baking sheet. Put your food on the plank and roast as directed. 

Can I grill foods other than salmon on grilling planks? 

Absolutely. Cheese with a rind on is fantastic, baked apples are great anyway, but grilled or baked on a plank are scrumptious.   The only limitation is your imagination.  Check out youtube for more recipe’s and inspiration.

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