Kamado Joe® Classic II is the ultimate in ceramic grilling, therefore you will get the true charcoal flavour every time you grill, smoke, roast or bake. 
The beauty of a Classic Joe grill is simplicity, it is easy to light so you can be ready to Cook in around 15 Minutes. For cooking low and slow you can set the temperature and the Kamado Joe will maintain that temperature for over 12 hours.
The combination of natural lumpwood charcoal and air flow allows you to easily adjust and maintain any temperature over a long period of time.
Every Classic Joe comes fully assembled and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, and is built for years of use.

Along with the all the standard Kamado Joe® features you would expect, the new improved Kamado Joe® Classic II for 2017 incorporates the following great new features:

AIR LIFT HINGE which reduces the weight by an astonishing 96%
Advanced Multi Panel Fire-Box, will expand and contract to suit your cooking temperature.
KONTROL TOWER TOP VENT providing precise airflow management. All aluminium, no-rust and rainproof top vent.
New STAINLESS STEEL LATCH Creates a ultra air-tight seal, self activating will ensure you get a full burn of your fuel and improved temperature control.
This the stand alone model therefore no legs will be included.
This is a large and heavy piece of BBQ equipment and the delivery of this product is via a Pallet service which is a kerbside delivery. This means that the delivery driver will wheel the pallet off his vehicle and leave the pallet on the kerb - if you have access large enough for a 120 cm x 100 cm pallet and have a hard enough surface (i.e. a solid surface of either concrete, tarmac, paving slabs) on which the pallet truck can be moved over then the driver will take the pallet up your driveway and position it in a suitable location. If you do not have a driveway, or have a steep, a gravel or stony driveway, then the driver will have no alternative but to leave the pallet a

Kamado Joe® Classic II Standalone - 2017 model

  • Part Number: KJ23NRHC
    Barcode: 811738021522
    Shipping Weight (kg): 50

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