ProQ Cold Smoke Generator plus 4 Extra Bags of Dust of Your Choice.
The Pro Q Cold Smoke Generator will produce a steady stream of smoke for up to 10 hours using approx 100g of dust. It is ideal for cold smoking fish, cheese, Honey, Bacon - the list is endless!

The ProQ cold smoker is used with any BBQ that has a lid and vents. People even use metal dustbins and cardboard boxes. The key to effectively using the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator is allowing good air flow for it to work effectively.
* Designed in the UK
* Will produce smoke for up to 10 hours
* Includes Oak dust for approximately 10 hours
* Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 1.5"
Please select 4 bags of dust from the following selection:
Silver Birch
Whisky Oak Dust

ProQ Cold Smoke Generator