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The company's resilience to an unstable market situation during the economic crisis under sanctions will ensure strategic management, competent management of production processes with the MBA program. World-class economists believe that this is the most efficient way of doing business at enterprises of any organizational and legal form.

Who is the training for?

To enter a business school at the Faculty of Strategic Management, in order to gain knowledge of how to manage an organization under the MBA program, can:

  • managers;

  • middle and top managers;

  • entrepreneurs.

The basis of training is the General MBA project, the scheme is designed to provide knowledge:

  • company executives, line division office specialists, department heads or applicants for a managerial position;

  • businessmen who wish to know more about management techniques;

  • entrepreneurs, if they develop and expand their own business;

  • managers of state enterprises to develop cooperation between firms of different legal forms.

Every person with managerial experience needs to improve their skills by learning new trends in management strategies.

Good Intentions MBA Program

Course studies give a voluminous systemic vision of business.

At the end of the business school, the manager becomes a strategist in his company, capable of:

  • to see the shortcomings in the management of the company, ensuring the stability of the enterprise to changes in market conditions;

  • make an analysis of the internal and external financial condition;

  • assess the prospects for the development of the enterprise;

  • to rapid learning, adaptation to changed conditions, application of innovative management mechanisms.

The project teaches the skills of business administration, the scheme is built on the basis of fundamental management, where theory is projected into the practice of successful office work, students share their successes and failures. The result of the training confirms the diploma:

Anyone with higher education and work experience of at least 3 years can enter the business school.


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