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About Smokewood Shack Grilling Planks

Smokewood Shack's Range of Grilling Planks
Small  4" x 7" Cedar Grilling Plank

Smokewood Shack

Grilling Planks


All Is not Equal When It Comes to Grilling Planks.


After all they are just wood grilling planks right?....... Wrong !


Would you add your food to any old piece of wood, grill it, and then serve this food to your family & friends ?   I wouldn't, and I don’t think you would either.  After all you want to know where your food comes from......... right? so why should Grilling Planks be any different.


This is the standard of Smokewood Shack grilling planks.


Can other manufacturers offer the same?


Smokewood Shack Grilling Planks


  • 100% Sustainably Produced in the USA

  • A Variety of Sizes,  Five Flavours to Choose From

  • Food-Safe Lubricants In Our Machinery

  • Made From Safe "Edible" Woods

  • Private Label with Your Brand or Logo

  • Western Red Cedar - Accept No Subsitutes.

  • Forest Stewardship Council™(FSC®) certification in our continued effort to promote responsible management of the world's forests.

  • FSC® certified products.


Other Grilling Planks


  •  Overseas 3rd world processing is not as stringent

  • 1 or 2 sizes

  • What happens overseas is anyone's guess.

  • Some wood species are poisonous

  • Private Label, Probably not.

  • White Cedar, Eastern Cedar or other type (would  you know the difference?)

  • FSC® certified (I doubt it) otherwise they would advertise it on their products.


Our Guarantee: 

All of our Grilling Products are free of any chemical additives.  Our manufacturers use food grade lubricants on all their equipment to ensure the highest standards of food safety.  When purchasing anything that will come in contact with the food you serve your family and friends, you should consider how it is manufactured. 


Smokewood Shack is a family business.  Our promise to you is that we wouldn't send you anything we wouldn't use for our own family. 

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