This is the Ultimate Hot  & Cold Smoking Gift Set for the person who wants to master both Hot & Cold Smoking.  We have combined both the hot and cold smoking gift sets into one mega gift set and also given you a whopping discount, therefore you will be able to hit the ground running which will enable you to create both hot and cold smoked foods at an amazing price.


Apart from the fantastic selection of BBQ Smoking Wood Chunks, Chips, Dusts to allow you to create those amazing Smokey flavours we have also included an award winning BBQ Rub by The Smokey Carter.  A Pro Q Cold Smoke Generator, extra tealights, natural wood wool lighters plus 2 amazing books : 

The Hangfire Cookbook is an amazing BBQ book by Samantha Evans and Shauna Guinn which shows you how to create recipes for grilling and smoking with fire. 

The second book "Food Smoking a Practical Guide" by Turan T Turan is an amazing book which covers practically everything you need to know about food smoking. Topics include: Health & Safety, Brines & Cures, different flavours and characteristics of wood, even how to construct and make a garden food smoker, or